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Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Questions:

How do I place My RV for Sale With Your Company?

       The process includes inspecting your RV for the purpose of determining what will be needed to get it ready for sale and also arrive at a value. You can bring your RV to our location in Denton or we can pick it up. Paper work necessary to complete our consignment agreement include proof of ownership, loan and insurance information. The entire process normally takes thirty to forty five minutes.

Click Here to Download Our Consignment Agreement

How is the Asking Price Established for Our RV?

There are several influencing factors:

  • NADA Appraisal Guide Loan value and the suggested retail price.
  • Condition of your RV including tires, batteries, paint, decals, miles generator hours, RV systems and appliances, carpet, upholstery
  • After discussing these factors we will mutually arrive at your net amount and a realistic asking price

How long are we required to Leave Our RV in your Consignment Program?

Our contract does not require you to leave your RV for any minimum length of time. You can pick it up Monday thru Saturday during business hours by giving us 24 (twenty four) hour notice.

What is your Commission?

We don’t charge a commission. We attempt to make our profit over  you net agreed amount. In the event a percentage is preferred, we will mutually arrive at one when you bring your RV in for consignment.

Do You Pick Up or Deliver?

Yes, please call our Service department at 940-891-4155

How Long Have You Been in Business?

We are currently in our 14th year

How Many Units On Average Do You Sell A Month?

During the peak months we’ll average thirty sales and during the slow months of September thru January we hope to sell fifteen to twenty.

Are There Any Up Front Charges?

No, there are no upfront charges. After the first three months in the event your RV doesn’t sell, we do charge a monthly advertising fee of $60.00 for motorized and $45.00 for towable’s. This helps defray some of our extensive advertising expense.

Who Will Be Driving Our RV On A Demo Ride?

Initially, our salesmen will take your coach and the prospective buyer to the 288 Denton Loop which is a much less traveled freeway than I-35 and where the speed limit is sixty miles per hour. At that point we allow the prospective buyer to get a feel for the driving aspects of your RV with the supervision of our salesmen.

Whose Insurance Covers My RV While on Your Lot and On A Demo Ride?

While on our lot your insurance would provide coverage for physical damage. Our insurance provides liability coverage. During the demo ride, the prospective buyers insurance and driver’s license prior to the demo.

Who Handles the Paperwork When our Coach Sells?

We take care of all the paperwork which includes contracts, registrations, transferring ownership, and pay offs.

How much Do You Charge for Detailing?

Our charge for exterior washing, waxing and interior cleaning including steam cleaning upholstery and carpeting are very reasonable. We will provide estimates when you consign your RV.

Buyers Questions:

Do You Accept Trade-ins?

Yes we do. This is a very important aspect of consummating the sale of your RV. We estimate trades are involved in at least Forty percent of our sales.

Do You Handle Customer Financing?

We offer extensive RV financing.

  • Our lenders specialize in financing RV’s
  • We have programs for a wide range of credit ratings

Will I Be Pressured About Making A Purchase?

No, we have a very relaxed, make yourself at home atmosphere. We realize the importance of treating our customers as we would expect to be treated. We strive to determine our customers’ needs and their financial comfort zone. We will not pressure you into making a purchase decision you will later regret.

Do You Provide A Warranty After the Sale?

We provide a thorough demonstration prior to taking delivery that all systems and appliances are operating properly.

To insure that you won’t endure any expensive repairs after taking delivery, we offer extended warranties at very reasonable pricing.

How Negotiable Are Your Prices?

Since we’re mainly a consignment dealer, our owners are open to offers. Until an offer is presented we really don’t know what they will go down to.